Infrastructure Assessment

LTK’s Infrastructure Assessment capabilities include alternative analyses to develop the most cost-effective track layouts, whether they be mainline or within yards and whether they're for freight, mixed use or passenger only.  LTK also provides infrastructure condition assessment, valuation and operability evaluations, working with the firm’s Systems Engineering practice.

Using our software tools, we can quantify the trip time and capacity of alternative layouts, guiding railroads and transit agencies to the most cost-effective designs.  We also provide Geographic Information System (GIS) and field inspection support for rail infrastructure, including track, stations, maintenance facilities, power, signaling, communications, central control, and virtually every other rail asset (including, of course, the rail vehicles themselves).  Our GIS capabilities include GPS and track geometry car data collection/synthesis, with support for automated track chart generation.


LTK Clients & Projects


Conrail® Shared Assets
Information Systems for Infrastructure

Capital Area Transit, Harrisburg, PA
Preliminary Design of Commuter Rail System


US Department of Justice

Appraisal of Three Rivers Marine
and Rail Terminal

Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)
Port Authority Transit Company (PATCO)
Rail Infrastructure Inspection

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
New Jersey Transit (NJ TRANSIT),
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway (NYSW)
Rail Infrastructure Valuation 


North American Rail Carrier
Rail Infrastructure Assessment