LTK: Excellence in Rail Systems Engineering
LTK is unique among rail transit consultants. We are the only consultant in North America that specializes solely in rail systems engineering, with proven expertise in every component, including vehicles, maintenance facilities, signals and communications, traction electrification and fare collection. We assist clients with planning rail transit development and conducting operational studies, providing engineering services and follow-through until the systems are operational.

We are experienced in every type of rail transportation system: light rail transit (LRT), rapid transit, commuter rail, intercity passenger, high-speed rail and AGT, and each specific mode’s corresponding vehicles and systems.

Depending on client needs, LTK can design an entirely new transit system, a portion of a system, or an upgrade of an existing system. Most importantly, we work with transit agencies to protect their investments, and to ensure that the contractors and suppliers meet their commitments to the agencies.

A Legacy of Professionalism
LTK is one of the oldest and largest specialty rail consulting firms in North America. Since our founding in 1921 by Louis T. Klauder, LTK has approached each project with professionalism, building trust and confidence with every assignment we complete.

When transit agencies and railroads call on LTK, they know their needs and expectations will be met—with functional, attractive designs, advanced technologies that are properly integrated, and quality workmanship. Whether for new systems or equipment upgrades, LTK consistently helps clients obtain value.

How do we do it?
With our staff of systems and vehicle engineers. Each LTK engineer is highly experienced, bringing exceptional skills to every project. Many have worked for transit agencies and railroads, and most have been with LTK for the long term, so their continuity of experience brings value to each new assignment.

With unmatched technical expertise and excellent managerial capabilities. These include sophisticated design and project management systems that have had proven success in guiding clients through complex design and procurement processes, ensuring that all systems are properly designed and integrated and that all suppliers produce quality work.

With regional offices throughout the country. LTK’s staff can respond quickly and appropriately to our clients’ site-specific needs.

With the ability to mobilize staff quickly. This includes serving as an extension of a client’s staff to fill unexpected peak requirements—a capability that saves our clients the cost of staffing up for short-term needs.