Transportation & Operations Planning

Today’s rail passenger systems require the right choices from the start.  Service concepts, effective integration of modes, careful control of capital and operating costs, safety, reliability, provisions for growth and expansion, construction schedule and risk management, environmental and community issues, aesthetics—all are part of enlightened project decision making.  To help guide the process of creating outstanding projects, transit planning must combine sound technical expertise with vision.

LTK professionals are experienced in planning every type of rail system technology, as well as bus systems.  Drawing on a staff that includes not only transportation planners but also engineers who design and manage projects worldwide, we develop optimal solutions to system design that incorporate the ongoing technological and institutional changes in the rail passenger and transit industry.  Our staff members work to help local personnel and community leaders choose systems that attract riders, and carry them safely and comfortably through years of cost-effective service.

LTK provides operations planning for:

  • Alternatives analyses
  • New system starts
  • Extensions of existing systems
  • Service improvements or realignments
  • Operating and maintenance improvements

Our planning services include:

  • Economic and project feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and conceptual planning
  • Operations concepts and plans
  • Maintenance analysis and planning
  • Estimation of capital and operating costs
  • Quality control procedures

Working with LTK’s Operations Analysis & Simulation experts, our Transportation Planners assist agencies and rail systems in creating optimal facility layouts and capital program deployment.  Where capacity constraints limit the potential for future growth, LTK’s Systems Engineering professionals and the firm’s simulation tools are used to quantify these limitations and to identify the most cost-effective strategies to eliminate them.

LTK has been involved in planning rail projects in 23 states and Puerto Rico, as well as internationally in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.