Operations & Maintenance Costing

Early in the New Starts planning process, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) costs are a key determinant in the overall life cycle costs of each potential transit alternative.  LTK’s Transportation Planners are experienced with the FTA Section 5309 requirements, both in terms of O&M costing and the underlying requirements for Service Plans and Operating Plans (see Service Design and Scheduling).  We offer a wealth of knowledge in mode-specific O&M costing, including crewing, management supervision, vehicles maintenance, right-of-way maintenance, and trackage rights costs (where applicable). 

We also develop O&M cost projections for proposed changes in operating plans, such as those associated with new vehicles, altered frequencies, line extensions and service realignments.  Where electric traction is to be used for vehicle propulsion, our software tools can provide planning-level analyses of both annual consumption (kWh) and peak demand (kW) charges for a given alignment and a given modal choice.


LTK Clients & Projects


City of Portland 
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Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority
Evaluations of Option for Twin Cities - Red Wing Inter-City Rail Passenger Service

Metropolitan Council (Minnesota)
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Modern Transit Partnership (MTP) and Capital Area Transit (CAT)
Corridor Two O&M 

Santa Clara VTA 
Rail System Analysis