LTK has developed a strong reputation in the transportation industry for successfully overseeing and integrating the various complex components comprising an effective rail transit communication system. LTK specialists include project management, technical assessment, design conceptualization, detailed specifications development, creation of technical drawings, cost estimating, equipment and vendor procurement analysis, and oversight of installation and testing.

Implementation of communications, SCADA, and central control systems require the integration of transportation, telecommunications, and computing technologies with human interfaces.

The LTK team provides specialty expertise includes:

  • Central control systems - where all essential operations components are integrated
  • Control room layout
  • Voice networks
  • CCTV
  • Public Address
  • Variable/Dynamic Message Signs
  • Wireless Communications
  • Interfaces
  • Traction Power/SCADA Interface
  • Signal/SCADA Interface
  • Vehicle/SCADA Interface
  • TVM/SCADA Interface
  • Fiber and Copper Cabling
  • Raceway Design

LTK's Seattle work has brought to the forefront its ability to partner with multiple agencies and bring safe, reliable, state-of-the-art solutions together to save capital cost without sacrificing reliability or functionality. Our ITS work has been at the forefront of this. Working with Sound Transit, LTK has integrated traffic management, center management, vehicles, emergency management, security and roadside assistance into the Regional Architecture and into the Region.