LTK offers a full range of services to help both established and new-start commuter rail operators purchase new rolling stock. We assist our clients in assessing their vehicle needs and then provide comprehensive engineering and management assistance through every step of the procurement process. We also provide post-delivery technical, troubleshooting and maintenance training support as required.

We have helped public agencies procure literally thousands of commuter rail cars since 1962. Our portfolio includes every type of commuter passenger car used in North America:

  • Single-level push-pull
  • Gallery push-pull
  • Bi-level push-pull
  • Electric multiple units for dc third rail and ac overhead electrifications
  • FRA-compliant diesel multiple units
  • Non-FRA-compliant diesel multiple units

We offer world-class expertise in the structural design of rail vehicles and the use of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum as carbody materials. We are the leader in the application of Crash Energy Management principles to FRA-compliant rolling stock.

Overall, we provide the technical expertise and broad experience needed to allow our clients to conduct their commuter car procurement programs with confidence.